Saturday, May 24, 2008

Timbuk2 World Champion Messenger Bag

Timbuk2 World Champion Messenger Bag

You are the champion. Of the world. On your bike.

This mess bag falls in the "if you have to ask" category. Either you know the five stripes on white and your heart races a bit when encountering it and a little voice in your head screams "Allez! Allez!" or the whole thing is lost on you.

Patagonia Lightweight Travel Tote

Patagonia Lightweight Travel Tote

Spacey travel tote/backpack hybrid from Patagonia, ever on the bleeding edge of tech textiles. Ultramegalight. Glossy. Candy colors.

For farmer's market by bike or Koh Phi Phi by boat. Long weekend or Long Way Round.

Bologna Bologna / New Meats to Meet

Bologna from Bologna and brains from Bologna, deep tracks from November's Florentine feeding frenzy... In honor of the lovely meats we will meet in next week in Thailand. And fruits. And noodley things. And spicy things.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Neohippie Summer / Probably Should Shower More

"neo hippie" recommendations at ThisNext

After hearing a shriek of delight upon viewing friend Christine's gold Barney's Birkenstocks, and realizing it wasn't her shriek, it became time to end all denial: this summer is the summer of neohippie.

There are fringe-y linen scarves. There is a gold geod necklace (yes, as in a rock). There is a pet duck that doesn't know she's our pet. Herbs scent the air: home-grown edibles plus Fresh's Cannabis Rose perfume plus marijuana from neighbor's devotion to wake and bake waft through the house. We ride bikes for pleasure, work, errand and pastry. But we never wear Lycra. We sew things. Kombucha is drunk.

Neohippie is not hippie. There may be jeans but they are, well, fancier than your average jean. Feet are bare and sandy but pedicured. Tie die does happen on occasion, but so does poshy Prada. Music is folk-y indie. But one might call Thom Yorke's swells and swoons speaking to the human condition folk. They are, after all, of the folk. No one is shaving or showering much. Cooking greens are composted.

It's metro back-to-the-land. Cat Stevens on an iPod. Dr. Bronner's for the outdoor shower. Buying less but buying better and using it longer. Homemade pickles. Xeriscape with Synlawn. Unironic moccasins.

Of note, neohippie is not intentional nor was it acknowledged until it was upon us. Beset by Envirosax reusable grocery bags, Mrs. Meyers's geranium cleaning sundries, quilts made of old clothes and organic coffee, neohippie is undeniable rather than chosen. Neohippie does not preclude consumption of "Raw Bits" cereal, A Prairie Home Companion's Calvinist grist for those who specifically do not have a lifestyle. There is no manifesto, unless one counts chow intellectual Michael Pollan's "Eat food. Not so much. Mostly vegetables." And the chanting of this mantra can be ceased if one presented with a table of steamed crab and a pitcher of cocktails.

How big is this neohippie thing? Venice is inherently neohippie, yes. But not all of Venice is neohippie. Sometimes it's straight up hippie (next door neighbors). Sometimes it's straight-up hooligan Diseneyland or as much skid row as it is anything else. So let's not cast neohippie aspersions over the whole of the nabe. Or on others concerned with the planet's health, their health or the health of their bohemian righteousness. We're talking about one house, its friends and what it recycles, has and shares: hopefully more rather than less. Hopefully hopeful.

Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck... Raccoon!

Five delicate blue eggs. One sitting duck mama. A neighborhood full of raccoons and possums. This can only end in tears.

Monday, May 12, 2008

BlackBerry Bold / Little Black(berry) Book

BlackBerry Bold

For tactile-key lovers, an iPhone is no substitute... for razzle dazzle lovers, a Blackberry is no substitute. Though still not convinced we can all get along, will say the BlackBerry Bold is a decent Switzerland.

(Resisting temptation to use a "The Bold and the Beautiful" one liner... mostly from not being sold yet rather than from any fundamental objection to soap opera references, which are glorious.) (via Notcot)

Sigg Travel Thermos / Blue Steel

SIGG ICE BLUE TREND 1.0L(33 OZ) - 8068.40

The Blue Steel of thermoses, which is to say, sporting of a markedly hotter look than all others combined.

Would travel with it if the dumb airlines did not mistake we self hydrationists for terrorists. Settle for using it on car trips, bike trips and beach trips. Suspect it would keep a jigger of martinis chillaxed. And inspire partakers to flash a few Blue Steels of their own.

St. Germain / Buvez Comme un Trou Bohème

St Germain Elderflower Liqueur

St. Germain, c'est chouette. Made of Elderflowers from les Alpes, it adds perfumed complexity to martinis, especially those with fresh juice, and to tequila and rum cocktails. And to breakfast, cheris. After all, a liquor named for the most bohemian arrondissement should be enjoyed in none but a bohemian manner.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Twitch the Raccoon / Death, a Primer

Twitch (Raccoon) Plush Toy

Play should be educational. Some toys teach us about the environment or spelling or maths. Others, like "Twitch" teach us about death, driving and biology. An unstuffed stuffed animal. Genius. (via Boing Boing)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

SE Lager Single Speed / The Perfect Pour

"amazing amazing bike" recommendations at ThisNext

It started with a thirst, a thirst for a new ride... Something light, smooth, simple, fast and easy on the eyes. The thirst and I, we sidled up to Venice's Bike Attack bike bar, ordered a single speed, they poured 49 inches of lovely SE Lager and that beaut quenched it. She quenched it good.

Perfect geometry, light for a cromo (steel) frame, and who doesn't love riding bullhorns (not this girl!). SE Lagers can be fixed or freewheel. You're going to want to rip off the goofy stickz and bar tape... But then she's as sweet as Triple Karmelit on wheels. And as fast.

And just as every good pour should be crowned with a lovely head, so, too, must the SE Lager, the Giro Skyla... Just in case this pint goes down too easy.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Isabel Marant, C'est Amour Propre

Voila, un aperitif dangereux: France's avant garde Isabel Marant + Abbott Kinney's Heist, le plus beau du quartier + le dollar, le plus faible du quartier (mais boujour mon tax refund beau!). Tchin-tchin, cheris. Et pardon mon franglais.

Muji Coffee Table / Home Surgery Station


Love. Everything. Muji. Especially the prices: This aluminum caster-licious coffee table is $180 at MOMA store. I think it costs more to get into the musée MOCA, on whose site it's offered. And, Bonus!, you can perform surgery on this thing. If not on entire grownup people, at least on parts of them, like an arm or a neck. Or on pets.

Pink Elephants on Parade

Elephant Animal Object

"Look out! Look out! Pink elephants on parade, here they come, hippety hoppety!" Dumbo, my first movie theater experience: as I recall it was both a revelation and utterly terrifying. Sinister pink elephants! On parade! Clippety Cloppety. This 5-inch plastic MOMA store exclusive is decidedly less haunting. In part because there is no Coke-and-popcorn-and-Red Vines drunkenness. But, sadly, it doesn't ski like Dumbo's Technicolor pachyderms.