Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Korres, It's All Greek

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Korres is the Greek god of perfection: Rose moisturizers and other face-y potions are magic, guava moisturizer is ambrosia in a tube, cherry lip balms are so good you want to kiss them, and the bamboo hair creme, it's a 'do. Look forward to getting involved with their makeup. Soon.

All natural. All safe. All homeopathic. All dermo tested. All Greek.

Dream of visiting new-ish church of Korres in NY but for time being am content to worship at Korres altar in the back of Fred Segal Beauty.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New Desk Modernist Daydreams

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No, the sane solution when faced with a cluttered desk is not "buy a new desk." However, sanity died a quick and painless death when I started technicolor daydreaming of George Nelson's Swag Leg Desk: insouciant cubbies, shapely legs, and check out the rack on top of that thing.

And, when Blu Dot's Desk 51 materialized, so did Ab Fab / Edina Monsoon's voice: "I just want SURFACES, darling... I don't want THINGS on PLACES like that."

But my heart has always belonged to the veritable Mondrian of tables, Eames's File Drawer Des and its generous, versatile surface perfect for any Renaissance minimalist who is a work-space maximalist.

Great Lakes Chic

Women's  Thunderbird Tan Suede Boat Sole Moccasin

Moccasins. Minnetonka Moccasins, no less. Unexpectedly but wholly obsessed out of the blue with this moccasin. An anti-gladiator reflex? Perhaps. But a Great Lakes-chic look by which I'm willing to stand. To round out the look, a copy of Jim Harrison's luminous Returning to Earth and Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble's Steve Reich's Music for 18 Musicians as a soundtrack. Or some Prince. Although, am uncertain how purple satin jumpsuits, though glorious, work with a moc.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rx: Who What Wear Daily

Who What Wear Daily. Am obsessed. Fashion-informed but not fashion-enslaved, Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr dose chic Rx's of runway-to-real life fashions, style stalk It girls (more Agyness Deyn than standard US Weekly starlets, thankfully) and merchandise with enough verve that the recent "What to Wear: Music Festivals" almost obliterated memories of near-death-experience-by-heat-stroke nightmare from last Coachella. Will continue to download every email and watch every WWWD TV webisode as faithfully as should have hydrated before picaresque adventures on the Empire Polo Field in 105-degree heat.

P.S. Something else that's just what the doctor ordered? Retail therapy with WWWD's "Shop the Closet".

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Little Eco House on the Pairie

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Little House on the Prairie fantasy today: small footprint, big country.

Green Means Go

"amazing amazing green" recommendations at ThisNext

Earth Day! Yes! Green means go! We know there are many virtuous greenie things we should do (look into solar power), want to do (buy a green mattress), plan to do (compost). But let's glass-half-full this Earth Day and share what we do do: make quilts from our pals' old clothes, eat locally, ride our bikes a lot, try to use what we have and use it longer... And use (and highly recommend) all the greenmazing stuff above.


Alyson's recommendations at ThisNext

Almost the end of April means almost summer. And, here anyway, summer means Malibu. As such, an ode to the best of 'Bu

Left - Malibu magazine captures local 'Bu zeitgeist and validates why those who don't live there should pay attention to goings on along and around its 27 coastal miles. Also, their new Web site is neat: very community, very pretty and very now.

Center - Tylie Malibu is pure Malibu: neo hippie + rock 'n' roll + utilitarian clean. Made in L.A. Am mad about all styles with obnoxious/ugly canvas clippy handles. Ugly handles, hot.

Right - FreeCitySuperShop: the original lifestyle brand at the nexus of beach, art, design, fashion, music, neo-hippie and tee pees. Often copied (ahem, Gap) but never replicated. And worth it. If you get why Malibu at its most Malibu is a worthwhile thing to support.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Bosomy Isabel Fonseca

NYT Sunday Smiles Styles, bit on "bosomy" Isabel Fonseca, who may or not be a homewrecking hussy but is definitely married to novelist Martin Amis and is releasing her second book (first novel) in 13 years, Attachment: Isabel Fonseca... Isabel Fonseca... Oh, that Isabel Fonseca. She of haunting, mysterious superbly researched Gypsy history Bury Me Standing, wherein we saw images of Gypsy brides' trousseaux and learned of Romany poetry, enslavement and migration. Adore that Isabel Fonseca. Will read this Attachment tout de suite. And will not for a moment question why novel took 13 years to release. Maintaining one's bosomy reputation is probably a full-time job.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Jason Martin

Luster-y, lush-y , lovely minimalist magic from Jason Martin c/o LA Louver.

P.S. $/£ = !!!

The Uni

The Uni

Meet the reg's. I have a history with uniforms (7th grade until I went to college: blue pinstripe skirt rolled at the waist, white polo)... and I guess this "wear less, more" philosophy has never entirely vanished from my fashion p.o.a.


"Too much good taste can be boring."

- Diana Vreeland

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