Tuesday, May 6, 2008

SE Lager Single Speed / The Perfect Pour

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It started with a thirst, a thirst for a new ride... Something light, smooth, simple, fast and easy on the eyes. The thirst and I, we sidled up to Venice's Bike Attack bike bar, ordered a single speed, they poured 49 inches of lovely SE Lager and that beaut quenched it. She quenched it good.

Perfect geometry, light for a cromo (steel) frame, and who doesn't love riding bullhorns (not this girl!). SE Lagers can be fixed or freewheel. You're going to want to rip off the goofy stickz and bar tape... But then she's as sweet as Triple Karmelit on wheels. And as fast.

And just as every good pour should be crowned with a lovely head, so, too, must the SE Lager, the Giro Skyla... Just in case this pint goes down too easy.

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