Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm Wai'n' It

Thai Ronald throws down a wai as you enter his Grand Palace of Fries. How auspicious to be blessed by honorable King Super-size Transfat the Great. Special McThai menu items include Caribbean Shrimp Burger, Lemon Chicken Roll and Cheesy Chicken Roll. I'm not lovin' it so much, especially when Bangkok has the best street food in the world but you know what they say, frenchfried potAYto, frenchfried potAHto.

Also, it is fantastic when food ads contain cute representations of the animals contained in a dish. The shrimp want you to eat a Carribbean Shrimp Burger filled with their friends. And doesn't the Lemon Chicken Roll text treatment using a chicken head as the L and other letters as the body and feet make the meal seem like it would be that much happier?

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