Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Alyson's recommendations at ThisNext

Almost the end of April means almost summer. And, here anyway, summer means Malibu. As such, an ode to the best of 'Bu

Left - Malibu magazine captures local 'Bu zeitgeist and validates why those who don't live there should pay attention to goings on along and around its 27 coastal miles. Also, their new Web site is neat: very community, very pretty and very now.

Center - Tylie Malibu is pure Malibu: neo hippie + rock 'n' roll + utilitarian clean. Made in L.A. Am mad about all styles with obnoxious/ugly canvas clippy handles. Ugly handles, hot.

Right - FreeCitySuperShop: the original lifestyle brand at the nexus of beach, art, design, fashion, music, neo-hippie and tee pees. Often copied (ahem, Gap) but never replicated. And worth it. If you get why Malibu at its most Malibu is a worthwhile thing to support.

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