Monday, April 21, 2008

Bosomy Isabel Fonseca

NYT Sunday Smiles Styles, bit on "bosomy" Isabel Fonseca, who may or not be a homewrecking hussy but is definitely married to novelist Martin Amis and is releasing her second book (first novel) in 13 years, Attachment: Isabel Fonseca... Isabel Fonseca... Oh, that Isabel Fonseca. She of haunting, mysterious superbly researched Gypsy history Bury Me Standing, wherein we saw images of Gypsy brides' trousseaux and learned of Romany poetry, enslavement and migration. Adore that Isabel Fonseca. Will read this Attachment tout de suite. And will not for a moment question why novel took 13 years to release. Maintaining one's bosomy reputation is probably a full-time job.

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